Rinacci ' s Jim Dandy

Then suddenly you get a message, 'What do you think of this one?'... a photo of a 'blue' little tiger, just a view weeks old..... and the rest is hystorie... There is no second we doughted when we saw Jim for the first time. With his big round eyes, short body and small ears we immediately knew he could bring our cattery to the next level! What a wonderfull type he has and also he brings a very beautiful pedigree with him. Even though he is now with us for a view weeks, we nottice his sweet carater. He knows what he wants but is a very relax litte man that really likes our company and he enjoys all of our attention. Playful, acrobatic, attached, relaxed, confident, beautiful = "Rinacci's Jim Dandy". (just love that name) We also want to thank Dieter from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with this little 'wonder"!



Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents
Int.Ch. Tommy Lee Of Ballyhara Bri A Int.Ch. Pinemarten Icebear Bri A Ch. Popsox Chop Noodle Bri C03 Catbalu Macduff Bri E03
Catbalu Chocolate Cookie Bri B
Ch. Pampurred Tartan-lassie Bri G Gr.Ch. Adfursh Blue Tycho Bri A
Pampurred Harlequin Bri A03
Ch. Lady Lavender Lilly of Ballyhara Bri A Eur.Ch. Jary van Black Lake Bri A Gr.Int.Ch. Fieneliens Goddepoppie Bri C
Angel Van de Haber Bri G
Tiffany of Ballyhara Bri A Gr.Int.Ch. Coppins Clever's Son of The Lion King Bri A
Eur.Ch. Scarlett Angel of Thorchham Bri G
Rinacci's Betty Boop Bri C Gr.Int.Ch. Rinacci's Gary Cooper Bri C World Ch. Lancelot du Lac Eclat du Soleil Bri B Caramello of the Roman's Jessin Bri B
Starlette Magique Joufflu Bri C
Eur.Ch. Fieneliens Lilac Lady Bri C Ch. Dodger of Ballyhara Bri C
Fieneliens Xibelle Bri B
Eur.Ch. Rinacci's Dark Truffle Bri B Caruso in Concert Bri B World Ch. garibaldi's Hemingway Bri C
Int.Ch. Bokbackens Salvia Bri B
World Ch. Rinacci's Cinnamon Flower Bri O Gr.Eur.Ch. Nedercats Bigger Bang Cimon Bri O
Shabaloe's Esprit Bri O