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Welcome and thank you for visting our site. The fact that we are totally in love with the British Shorthair should be obvious, and we are absolutely committed. Hopefully we can help you becomimg as dedicated as us ;-). We are a small, young cattery situated in the oldest town of Belgium, Tongeren. Therefore we called ourselves Çattery 'De la ville ancienne' or cattery 'Of the old town'.
We operate under the recognised number HK 20705502 (FOD). And registered at the Belgian Cat Club and BRKV. Non the less there are so many colour variations we try to breed lilac, chocolate, fawn, cinnamon, torties and bicolours in the same variations.
We like to profile ourselves as a hobby breeder of British Shorthairs, a race beloved for their appearance, character and their hudge cuddliness. Eventually we hope to contribute in a positive way in improving the British Shorthair, by any way possible. Therefore we yearly test all our animals on HCM by veterinary B. Van De Velde, Sirius, Mechelen. Felv, Fiv and the supervision of our cattery will be done by our veterinary Kristel Lenaerts, Tongeren.

Please visit our website regularly for updates and the latest news. we hope you will enjoy your visit on our site?

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Annie M.G.Smidt

My whole live I want cats walking around, then I won't be alone in time that amount.
and coming home in the evening, even during the middle of the night,
there will always be something waiting for me in sight.
Something purring and warm and alive,
no human being can conquer your heart that much,
because purring people cannot as such.