Lacoste Diamiland

First we would like to thank Magdalena Koch for trusting us with this little sweetheart. With Lacoste we can say that we have more or less found the Holy Grail. She has an excellent coat, lovely temperament, not carrying longhair gene and on top of that she carries the cinn. gene... We are still totally in love with since the first time we saw her. Lacoste is a huge and important asset in our cattery, the future will tell us how big her influence will be. She's a sweet playfull lady , but with an iron willpower... When she's walking up to you, you might think a little bulldog is coming your way...;-) Short, coby, powerfull and with excellent coat she's a true champion for us!!!



Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Int.Ch. Charlie Brown's Anthem NL* bri A Int.Ch. A Day At The Races Guvnor bri C SC Finch's Fanbonnevanck bri C Ch. Ice Jeeper bri C
Cinder Van De Balkenburcht bri C
Jipsee van het Woelige Leven bri A Int.Ch. Pinemarten Icebar bri A
Yenga van het Woelige Leven bri P
Kimiko's Unforgettable Unique bri A Gr.Int.Ch. Archie Llamedos bri A Int.Ch.Great Pretender Joufflu bri A
Cattepoel's Blue Angel bri A
Heaven van de Kraayenberg bri G Gr.Int.Ch. Coppins Clever's Son Of The Lion King bri A
Gr.Int.Ch. Bibiche van de Kraayenberg bri G
Ginger Royal Secret Pl* bri G 03 Gr.Int.Ch. Iven from Murlandyia PL* bri E Wch. Angelot Charme Sens Lavres CZ* bri A Ch Henajuetras Alegro CZ* bri A
Int.Ch. Pretty Kitty Laureen Cherie bri C
Int.Ch. Ruby v. Schnurrpidu bri G Gr.Int.Ch. Martinelli's Blue Francis bri A
Gr.Eur.Ch. Creme-Paula v. Kuhlingsgrund bri E
Gr.Int.Ch. Talia v. Pluschland bri A 03 Ch. Mogli's Emil v. Pluschland bri A Lord Creme v. Wernerwald bri E
Diana's Gucci Blue v. Wernerwald bri A
Tanyrallt Tutti Frutti bri G 03 Tanyrallt Tootempting bri A
Loraston Beatrix-Potter bri G 03