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We only just decided to take Jelly in our home when we saw 'Kylie' and immediately it was love at first sight! To this day we still need to be thankfull to Karin and Sonja for trusting us with her. Amorously she will be held into our arms, so she can enjoy every bit of attention we give her. Just like a little sweet doll ;-) and we are absolutely sure that this Lady will be heard of!!!



Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Gandalf of Amazing Britain D* bri P Garfield de Preston Nl* bri O Gr.Eur.Ch. Nedercats Bigger Bang Cimon Nl* bri O Int.Ch. Uccellini v. Flöthbach D* bri D
Ch. Sun-Beam's Jeanet bri O 03
Oililly Noa Manis de Preston NL* bri C Lancelot Circle of Life bri C
Charlotte O'Uxmal bri O
Emily of Amazing Britain D* bri P 03 Int.Ch. Lover Boy v. Ströher Moor D* bri A 03 Int.Ch. Stakkato v. Grigoleit D* bri P 03
Hollywood v. Ströher Moor D* bri G
Funny Girl of Marshy Country D* bri B Unbelievable Sam von den Muggels D* bri O
Abigail of Marshy Country BLH N
Ch. Beauty and the Beast Katango CZ* bri C 03 Dandelly Air Force Cat CZ* bri B 03 Ch. Little Devil v. Dornenbusch D* bri D 03 Gr.Eur.Ch. Bokbackens Prince S* bri B 03
Gr.Int.Ch. Honey v. Lasalle bri E
Ch. Royal Rose British Velvet CZ* bri C 03 Ch. Schabolleke's Peerke bri B 03
Eur.Ch. Aida Teddy Star CZ* bri B
Holly Molli v. Thennersee D* bri J 03 Gino v. Kister-Silbermond BLH C 03 Monsieur Magoo v. Halterner See D* BLH E 03
Sweet Summer v. der Hassler Linde D* BLH B 03
Fina-Zimsternchen Silky Babe CZ* bri E Gr.Int.Ch. Merlin Nimble Cat CZ* bri E
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-18-04-2015, Saalbau, Bottrop, Germany. 6-9 mnd. 2x Ex1, special judge price, nom Bis and Best In Show and 2e in BOB
-21-02-2015,Iserlohn-Letmathe, Germany. 3-6 mnd. 2x Ex1 and Nom. Bis.