Crystal Flame's Jelly Belly

Jelly was our first lady to be taken into our home, when we started up the Cattery. She's very close to our hearts and with her came an excellent pedigree . She's a sweet, playfull and lovely lady. Only when she wants it, she will come to you, otherwise she will be searching a quiet place to sleep. She's not really into the cuddling or sitting on someone's lap, but whenever you need her, she will be there. Our little devil in a box ;)....

lilac british shorthair
british shorthair lilac
british shorthair


Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Gr.Int.Ch. Crystal Flame's Ohio D* bri B Int. Ch. XXL vom Blauen Saphir D* bri B Worldch. Casanova de la Borbe D* bri B Gr. Eur. Ch. Bonifaz vom Teufelsberg D* Bri C
Int.Ch. Dora vom Forsthaus Lalo D* bri N
Ch. Kamy-Katze vom Blauen Saphir D* bri H Worldch. Kaba vom Blauen Saphir D* bri B
Ch. Candy vom Neandertal D* bri J
Ch. Nutella von Grigoleit D* bri O Yogi-Baer de Preston bri O Gr.Eur.Ch. Nedercats Bigger Bang Cimon Nl* bri O
Oililly Noa Manis de Preston bri C
Olala von Grigoleit bri O 03 Bellissimo von Grigoleit bri P
Rivium's Niccolini bri O 03
Fairy Tale vom Ostseestern D* bri C Int. Ch. Nabucco von Starenberg D* bri C Brixie Bard de Eminence bri A Ch. Blue Eldar's Sir Valiant Bri A
Gr.Int.Ch. Berenice-light Paw Secret Recipe CZ* bri A
Princess-Blue-Sem van Sawillu bri A Ch. Spike van Black Lake Nl* bri A
Ch. Maudy van Black Lake NL* bri C
Ch. Caty vom Ostseestern D* bri A Eur.Ch. Barcley vom Ueterst End D* bri C Gr.Int.Ch. Vincent vom Wittenberge D* bri A
Gr.Int.Ch. Sheila aus der Homburgstadt D* bri A
Ch. Kleopatra v. Juwelental D* bri G 03 Ch. Jannik v. Waltprugele D* bri A
Inspirat.of Melody v. Flöthbach D* bri F 02